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Founded in 1861, LAMDA has been offering speech and drama exams for more than 130 years.

The exams are designed to develop the learner’s reading skills, expand their vocabulary, improve their powers of self-expression and memory and enhance their conversation and debating abilities.

Overall, their confidence is boosted and they are able to engage and contribute fully at school, in further education or at work. All the exams are rooted in encouraging participants to develop a love of literature, poetry and drama and thus improve standards of communication through the spoken word.  Predominately, pupils achieve Distinctions or Merits for their exams. We often have sessions where 100% of pupils achieve Distinctions – putting them in the top 10% of LAMDA entrants around the country.  Achieving high marks is commendable, of course, but pupils gain far more from their LAMDA experience :-

Communication – Children need to be good communicators – at school and in their chosen careers. The LAMDA training the pupils receive teaches them how to communicate effectively, clearly, confidently, with good pronunciation and strong projection.

Confidence – pupils are taught to be confident  in their abilities and develop self-belief allowing them to shine in any situation. Whether they are taking centre stage in a school production or going for a job interview, the skills learnt from LAMDA stay with them forever.

Qualifications – LAMDA exams are universally recognised as a formal qualification in public speaking and will enhance any CV.  The higher grades offer UCAS points enhancing any personal statement for university or college.

Succeeding in a LAMDA examination demonstrates not only that learners have met rigorous assessment criteria in a particular discipline, but also that they have grown as individuals through participating in a globally respected activity. Ultimately, it is this sense of achievement that empowers the individual.

The key to the results:
(P) Pass – 50 marks and over
(M) Merit – 65 marks and over
(D) Distinction – 80 marks and over


Congratulations to all pupils who sat their LAMDA exams this July. We received a super set of results! Well Done!

Twenty-four pupils took the exams with 3 gaining high Merit and 21 gaining the top mark of Distinction (80 and over). 11 pupils gained 91 and above!

Those gaining Distinction were:

Introductory 1: Gadowl Oyedeji
Introductory 2 : Martha Last, Campbell Gie
Entry: Isla Gie
Grade 1 : Chayil Oyedeji, Jacob Cavendish, Serafina Campolucci-Bordi
Grade 2 : Ifeoluwa Oyedeji, Grace Petrie
Grade 3 : Alfie Molloy, Harry Geldart, Alexander Goldman, Callia Edwards, Lori-Jo Quinney
Grade 4 : Louisa Whorton, Liana Edwards, Orlando Campolucci-Bordi, Matilda Brookes-Jones, Niamh Hughes
Grade 7 : Grace Farnell
Grade 8 : Francesca Medlicott


Another great set of results with 16 out of 18 students gaining the top mark of DISTINCTION!

They were:


Introductory Stage One                    Bobby Marshall, Martha Last, Freddie Thomason

Entry                                                     Beatrice Woodhouse

Grade 04                                              Kristina Rawsthorne

Grade 05                                              Catarina Cardeira

Grade 06                                              Priya Lal, Megan Hutchinson

Grade 07                                              Alex Lal, Grace Wingate

Grade 08                                              Joe Houghton, Josh Reais, David Coyne, Oliver Bigley, Harry Wingate, Charlie Gillbanks