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Congratulations to all present and former pupils of Lamont Drama School accepted by the National Youth Theatre.

Rory Rushton (16) from Birkdale, Tom Lyon (17) from Formby and Dan Anderson (17) from Liverpool are the latest Lamont pupils to be accepted by the NYT. Other recent successes include Christie Clark, Steven Daley, Andrew Fraser, Caitlin Ogden, Joe Roberts, Lauren Ogden (who is also the voice behind Barnardo’s moving TV advertising campaign) Tim Baker, Imogen Free, Simon Lennon and Nick Gill.

In recent years, the school has had over 30 pupils accepted by the NYT. Diane Lamont, said: “It is very rewarding watching my senior pupils achieving so much success, especially in such a competitive arena as the National Youth Theatre. I have no doubt that the experience pupils gain through their festival, LAMDA exams and television work, puts them in a very strong position when auditioning for the NYT. You have to be 13 to audition and I already have lots of that age group clamouring to put themselves forward. I’m confident we will get further acceptances as they are a very talented bunch.”

NYT members from the school are: –

National Youth Theatre

  • Rory Rushton
  • Tom Lyon
  • Dan Anderson
  • Christie Clark
  • Steven Daley
  • Andrew Fraser
  • Caitlin Ogden
  • Joe Roberts
  • Simon Lennon
  • Imogen Free
  • Lauren Ogden
  • Tim Baker
  • Nick Gill
  • Dominique Durant
  • Paul Durie
  • Rebecca Beglin
  • James Beglin
  • Hannah Rogers
  • William Hick
  • Tori Hargreaves
  • Ruth Dalton
  • Lois Malloy
  • Oliver Mawdsley
  • Niamh Murphy
  • Andrew Kaye
  • Luc Barnes
  • Kim Chatterley
  • Chris Cooper
  • Martyn Andrews