Lamont Casting Agency

The Lamont School of Speech and Drama, founded in 1982 by Principal Mrs. Diane Lamont, is now recognised as one of the leading schools in the North West.


Pupils aged 4-20 are taught in mixed groups – with Lamont boasting an unusually high proportion of boys – using role play, improvisation and drama games. They can also enter festivals and take examinations. However, the emphasis is on developing confidence, creativity and imagination, learning drama skills, getting on with and respecting everyone in the group, but, above all, having fun!

This is a school where we recognise that every child has a different starting point and different aims. The school’s affordable and exceptional classes allow pupils to happily achieve personal goals – whatever they may be. Flair is encouraged to flourish, but in a disciplined atmosphere. The School’s motto sums up the ethos: Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail.

Lamont pupils are increasingly in demand for television, film and stage work, and this has led to the setting up of the Lamont Casting Agency. The Lamont School is a part-time drama school, located in Formby, near Liverpool, Merseyside.

Lamont Drama School is a LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) examination centre and holds several sessions each year.

Principal Diane Lamont has more than 25 years of experience of teaching all grades from entry level to grade 8. The small examination classes focus on technical interpretation and technique as well as thorough knowledge of theory, giving pupils the best chance to gain top marks.

Pupils gaining a Grade 6, Grade 7 or Grade 8 in a Speaking of Verse and Prose Examination gain extra UCAS points towards their university applications. Points are awarded on a sliding scale for passes, merits and distinctions. A DISTINCTION for Grade 8 is awarded 65 points which compares to 80 points for an ‘A’ level grade C or an A grade at ‘AS’.

Lamont Drama School principal Diane Lamont, said: “For many years pupils have told me how much the speech and drama exams have helped them with their GCSEs and their ‘A’ level studies. I’m absolutely delighted that universities are now officially recognising that. Pupils put in a lot of hard work and effort to get the top marks and now they’ve got an added incentive to do well.

“We are lucky that we have a LAMDA centre attached to the school in Formby because many areas do not have a local facility. I have pupils coming from St. Helens, Aintree, Preston and Rufford to study for the different grades.”

Even pupils that move out of the area want to keep up with their Lamont lessons!

“I had several pupils who moved away to Manchester and further afield who really wanted to keep up with their exam and festival tuition. So I now teach these pupils by Skype. New technology has allowed me to keep in touch with my pupils and still mentor them for the future. During lockdown, I extended this service. I now have pupils all over the UK and London and even in the USA in California!”