Lamont Casting Agency

The Lamont Casting Agency was launched following the successful growth of the Northwest’s highly respected Lamont Drama School.

Under the personal supervision of Principal, Diane Lamont, the agency quickly established itself as one of the region’s foremost suppliers of young talent to the world of film and media.

Lamont children are in demand for television, film and voiceover work.

There are currently over 200 children to choose from, all of whom are natural, expressive and confident. All children are proficient at learning lines and, additionally, they are taught the importance of discipline when working in a professional environment.

Lamont Casting is a specialist agency for children and young people aged 4 – 16. Anyone wishing to enrol as a main artiste with Lamont Casting must be prepared to take part in a drama workshop from which young people are selected for the agency. Anyone accepted by the Agency is encouraged to attend regular drama classes.

Casting Workshops can also be arranged for film or television Casting Directors.

If you live in the Merseyside area of the UK, and want to know more about enrolling with the Lamont Casting Agency, contact us.