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Sefton Festival 2018 Results

Out of 17 classes entered, Lamont pupils won 15 of them!  Our best ever results. The first-place winners and special trophy winners were:

Verse Speaking

Year 1/2               Martha Last

Year 3/4               Verity Clark

Year 6                    Jemima Brooks

Year 7/8               Lydia Russell

Year 9/10/11      David Coyne

Prose Reading

Year 4/5               Evie Clark

Year 6/7/8           Jessica Harrison

Year 9/10/11      Itsoghena Oyedeji

Solo Acting

Year 5                    Evie Clark

Year 6                    Orlando Campolucci-Bordi

Year 7/8/9           Grace Wingate

Year 10+               Ben Quigley

Duologues/Group Acting

Junior                    Evie And Verity Clark

Intermediate     Hatty Hobbs/Jasmine McElhinney/Leah-Marie Thompson

Senior                   Orlando Campolucci-Bordi/Francesca Medlicott/Josh Reais/

Charlotte Russell/Georgia Taft/Amelia Rosin


Special Trophies Were Won By:

 Most Promising Intermediate:                                                   Annabel Harrison

Best Junior Verse Speaker :                                                          Jemima Brooks

Best Senior Verse Speaker:                                                          Lydia Russell And David Coyne

Best Actor:                                                                                       Orlando Campolucci-Bordi

Junior Challenge Trophy                                                              Orlando Campolucci-Bordi

(Best Performance in Verse/Prose and Solo Act)

Senior Challenge Trophy                                                               Ellie Edwards

(Best Performance In Verse/Prose and Solo Act)


The award ceremony at Sefton Festival 2018



Congratulations to everyone that took part!