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Scholarships for Magic 8!

Lamont Drama School’s most senior pupils have been honoured by the school for their loyalty and commitment.

Following a long-standing Lamont Drama tradition, eight pupils have been awarded scholarships for the upcoming Southport Drama Festival. The scholarships cover the costs of the pupils’ drama lessons as well as their entry fees for the festival.


The pupils being awarded scholarships, who have been at the school since they were 5 or 6, are:-

Kathryn McEvilly (16), Josh Reais (15), Francesca Medlicott (15), Georgia Taft (15), Charlotte Russell (15), Amelia Rosin (15), David Coyne (15) and Gabriel Cardeira (14).

Said Mrs Lamont: “These are a group of pupils who are very close to my heart. They have been with me since they were tiny and have blossomed over the years into fantastic teenagers with so much to offer. It is a pleasure to support them in this way and is a little thank you to them and their families for their loyalty and commitment.

“Georgia and Kathryn are both successful National Youth Theatre members and the majority have either taken Grade 8 LAMDA or are about to. They have studied for all their LAMDA exams with the school and have never given me less than their absolute best. I’m proud of all that they have achieved but I am most pleased to see what firm friendship groups they have made as they pursue the same goals. They have been lovely to teach as individuals and in the many group acting pieces they have done together.”

From one end of the spectrum to the other, Lamont Drama School’s newest festival pupils are seven-year-old Serafina Campolucci-Bordi, Martha Last and Beth Popoola, who are both aged 6.

“I love teaching the little ones because they breeze in like a breath of fresh air. Beth and Serafina’s enthusiasm is infectious and I’m particularly enjoying teaching Martha as I also taught her mum Catherine and Catherine’s brother when they were children. I can see lots of endearing similarities between Martha and Catherine.

“So I would like to wish my festival first-timers, my senior Scholarship winners and all the rest of the school an enjoyable time at Southport Festival. I hope Martha, Beth and Serafina have as much fun as my senior pupils have had over the years entering festivals and sitting their LAMDA examinations.”


The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow for Ellie!

‘The sun will come out tomorrow’ for Lamont Drama pupil Ellie Edwards when she appears as Kate in ‘Annie’ at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre this November.

Ellie WEdwards

Based on the comic strip Little Orphan Annie, the play is set in 1930s New York during the Great Depression and tells the story of the Annie, a young orphan in search of a family. Annie The Musical has entertained audiences across the globe for 40 years and warmed the hearts of generations, young and old. This production is from LHK Youth Theatre.

Said Mrs Lamont, “Break a leg Ellie! I so enjoy seeing my pupils taking what they’ve learnt in classes and using their skills to perform on stage and further their theatrical experiences.”

Lucas Runs Riot as Charlie Brown!

Teapot Tantrum logoCongratulations to the ever-versatile and talented Lucas Frost who successfully auditioned for the part of 16-year-old Charlie in Teapot Tantrum’s new production Duty Bound. Teapot Tantrum is a newly formed theatre Company aiming to create new and edgy drama through new writing and challenging Directing.

Set in Liverpool 1941 during the May blitz. World War II is in full swing and so are the Brown family in Duty Bound.

The play follows the trials and tribulations of this scouse family in wartime. But the raids aren’t all they have to worry about. With feisty Norma at the helm, her eldest son being called up, the youngest, Charlie running riot and Peggy’s love life in tow things aren’t exactly quiet around the place! Norma is losing her family in more ways than one. It’s the time to pull together…or are they just falling apart?  Lucas Frost

This comedy/drama, with a hint of nostalgia and a nod to the ‘good ol’ days, is being performed at Liverpool’s The Black-e on November 9 – 11.

Teapot Tantrum

Outstanding LAMDA exam results!

Congratulations to all pupils who sat LAMDA exams this summer.

We received an excellent set of results with over half of you gaining 90 marks and over.

Special congratulations goes to Millie McLoughlin who gained an amazing 100% for her Grade 5 exam!

Full results can be found on our LAMDA exam results page.

Clever You!

Good News For Lucas

Congratulations to Lucas Frost who has been awarded a bursary from the David Lewis Association to further his drama skills.

Lucas, who is a regular performer on the amateur dramatic Stage as well as the festival circuit, is already a highly versatile actor.

Said Diane Lamont, “Lucas is a pupil who is set to achieve great success. He has talent in bucketfuls combined with a fierce determination to continually improve. I know he will use his bursary wisely to make his career happen. I’ll be watching his progress with great interest!”

Poetry is…Laurie’s Greatest Love!

Former Lamont pupil Laurie Ogden has recently graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, with a first-class Honours Degree.

Super talented Laurie is not only a fantastic performer but also a very talented poet and playwright.

She recently wrote and performed a Mothers Day poem for the Nationwide. Laurie is also a Barbican Young Poet and won the 2016 Outspoken Performance Poetry Prize and was chosen to be a Jerwood/Avron Mentee working with Tim Crouch for the next 10 months.

However, Laurie is not neglecting her own stage performances. She is once again going to the Edinburgh Fringe performing in two plays and was the writer of one of them. Colder Water and Twix (written by Laurie) have both received fantastic reviews from the critics.

Said Mrs. Lamont, “Laurie came to me as a very young girl and even then she had a special understanding and appreciation of poetry. She always gave the most heart-felt renditions and performed with a maturity well ahead of her years. I am not at all surprised that she has gone on to use this special talent to make a name for herself on the wider stage. Laurie was part of a very special group of very talented pupils that I will always remember with the greatest of affection.”

Christie Shines at Durham University

Former pupil Christie Clark has not wasted a minute since starting at Durham University as an undergraduate two years ago.

Christie, who achieved phenomenal success as a Lamont Drama pupil has continued to use her energy and enthusiasm for the arts to stand out from the crowd at Durham.

She has been involved in 11 productions as well as serving as President of the St Chad’s College Green Door Theatre Company. During her tenure as President, membership of theatre company increased sevenfold! Next year, Christie will be involved with EVERY student theatre production as she has just been elected Internal Hires Co-ordinator at the university. This involves over 30 student theatre companies producing around 70 shows every year!

Said Christie, “I would never have achieved my success within the drama community at Durham without the years of training and support I received from Lamont Drama. Diane ignited the passion within me for reading, writing and analysing English that led me to study my degree and gave me my life-long love of theatre. I will always remember the festivals and my LAMDA exams with the greatest of warmth.”

“It is so tremendously satisfying to see former pupils going on to even greater success in their higher education, their careers and of course, in their continuing involvement in theatre work, said Diane Lamont. “Christie’s vibrant and enthusiastic approach to all that she does will always ensure that she is happy and successful. All the best for your final year, Christie, I know you’ll smash it!”

Durham University

Epstein Youth Theatre Success

Congratulations to Georgia Taft who successfully auditioned for the new Epstein Youth Theatre.

The programme, which starts in September, is aimed at young people from across Merseyside aged 14-19. Georgia was one of 25 talented teenagers chosen and will be taking part in weekly workshops to develop strong, confident and versatile young performers.

Led by experienced theatre technicians all the hard work will lead to two performances each year, where all the stars of tomorrow will step out on to the Epstein Theatre stage.

Theatre manager, Rebekah Pichilingi, said: “We all know that Liverpool is full to the brim of young talent, and our new Youth Theatre will welcome those individuals who wish to learn the craft of theatre. It will give them first-hand stage experience from leading theatre practitioners who will help develop crucial skills for young people interested in a career in the theatre, or just looking to have some fun and learn new skills. Everyone at The Epstein Theatre is looking forward to this exciting new venture and we cannot wait to get started!”

Georgia has been a pupil at Lamont Drama for several years and continues to excel. Said Mrs Lamont, “Georgia is a very natural and charismatic performer and takes direction extremely well. This is a new opportunity for her to hone her skills still further. Well done, Georgia.”

Epstein Theatre

Successful Television Workshops

Members of the Casting Agency and Drama School enjoyed a series of television workshops recently at its Hightown studio.

Michael Jackson from Beverley Keogh Casting Ltd. put the young people through their paces.

Beverley Keogh Casting Ltd is one of the UK’s most accomplished casting houses with a proven history of excellence within the TV & Film industry. The agency has been responsible for many BAFTA award winning / nominated dramas and British Arrows BTA commercials.

Lamont Principal Diane Lamont said: “They were filmed doing script work and then watched their performances later. It was such a useful and enjoyable day and a great way to learn and improve. As it proved so successful, we are hoping to hold some more workshops in the not-so-distant future. My special thanks go to Michael for giving us the benefit of his considerable experience.”

2017 NYT Success

Lamont Drama school is celebrating a hat-trick of success with this year’s National Youth Theatre’s annual intake.

Congratulations to 14-year-old Joe Conroy from Formby, 15-year-old Millie McLoughlin from Lydiate and 15-year-old Hannah Aspinall from St Helens who all successfully auditioned for the prestigious NYT this year and will be attending its two—week residential course in London this summer.

The three talented teenagers follow in the footsteps of other recent successes: – Kathryn McEvilly, Georgia Taft, Lucia Shakeshaft Rory Rushton, Tom Lyon, Dan Anderson, Christie Clark, Steven Daley, Andrew Fraser, Caitlin Ogden, Joe Roberts, Lauren Ogden, Tim Baker, Imogen Free, Simon Lennon and Nick Gill.

In recent years, the school has had over 40 pupils accepted by the NYT.
Diane Lamont, said: “It is very rewarding watching my senior pupils achieving so much success, especially in such a competitive arena as the National Youth Theatre. I have no doubt that the experience pupils gain through their festival, LAMDA exams and television work, puts them in a very strong position when auditioning for the NYT. You must be 13 to audition and I already have lots of that age group wanting to put themselves forward. I’m confident we will get further acceptances in the future because they are all a very talented bunch.”

Many previous NYT members have gone on to achieve great success in stage, TV and film including Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig, Matt Smith, Gina McKee, Andrew Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis, Idris Elba, Colin Firth Rosamund Pike and Kate Winslet