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What fabulous results from the 2017 Southport Festival! The school entered 24 classes and gained an outstanding 14 first places, 14 second places and 13 third places.

Said Mrs Lamont, “When we return for our new term in September, it is always a very quick turnaround to prepare for our much-loved Southport Festival. You all delivered fantastic performances, particularly considering that you had just 6 lessons to choose, learn and perfect your verse, prose reading and acting pieces. You should all be very proud of this significant achievement. It’s a joy to watch you all gain so much enjoyment from bringing your pieces to the appreciative audiences at Southport Festival and to see you gaining confidence and experience whilst you excel.”

“I look forward to the same level of enthusiasm and commitment as we turn our sights to our next set of LAMDA exams. The last couple of sessions have resulted in incredible results across the school, so I’m hoping for the same high level of success at the end of the year.”





Under 8                1st Martha Last  3rd Serafina Campolucci-Bordi

Under 10              2nd  Evie Clark  3rd  Verity Clark

Under 12A           1st  Joseph Bigley  2nd  Catarina Cardeira  3rd  Jemima Brooks

Under 12B           1st  Annabel Harrison  2nd  Jasmine McElhinney  3rd  Varshaa Premakantha

Under 14              1st  Itsoghena Oyedeji  3rd  Oliver Bigley

Under 16A           2nd  Charlotte Russell  3rd Francesca Medlicott

Under 16B           1st  David Coyne  2nd  Josh Reais

Over 16                 1st  Kathryn McEvilly


Under 10              1st  Evie Clark  3rd  Verity Clark

Under 12A           1st  Catarina Cardeira  2nd  Joseph Bigley

Under 12B           2nd  Orlando Campolucci-Bordi  3rd  Annabel Harrison

Under 16              1st  Francesca Medlicott  3rd  Gabriel Cardeira


Under 10              1st  Evie Clark  3rd  Verity Clark

Under 12              2nd  Kristina Rawsthorne

Under 14              1st  Oliver Bigley

Under 16              1st  Josh Reais

Over 16                 2nd  Kathryn McEvilly


Under 10              2nd  Evie and Verity Clark

Under 12              1st  Joseph Bigley and Orlando Campolucci-Bordi  2nd  Annabel and Jessica Harrison

Under 14              2nd  William and Hannah Neave

3rd  Louisa Whorton and Niamh Hughes

Under 16              2nd  Amelia Rosin, Francesca Medlicott, Charlotte Russell, Georgia Taft, Josh Reais


Under 16              1st  Francesca Medlicott  2nd  David Coyne  3rd  Gabriel Cardeira